Making sense of global issues through museum collections, images, sounds, and personal experiences

What is Story:Web?

Story:Web explores how museum collections, images and sounds shared online, and people’s experiences could be connected to make sense of global issues like climate change.

An interactive demo of Story:Web was on show at the Glasgow Science Centre up to and during COP26 , the UN Climate Change Conference, as part of the Reimagining Museums for Climate Action exhibition.

During 2021 and 2022 we are developing Story:Web into a real digital system for use on social media and in museums, for people to discuss global issues like climate action. We need people aged 17-25 to help with this, find out more here .

Help us tell the untold story of climate change


Climate change is complicated, and can often feel as if it is happening far away. However, it’s part of our everyday lives, and the effects are all around us.

We are growing Story:Web on social media with your help, using the new ‘story snippets’ you share to take stories in different directions. Where might the journey take us?

Help grow Story:Web by:

  • Following @GrowStoryWeb on Instagram and Twitter , and #GrowStoryWeb on Instagram and Twitter
  • Help us decide where to take the story next by commenting on posts.
  • Add your own images, sounds and words using the hashtag #GrowStoryWeb.

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Jan 7, 2022


If you are taking part in the Story:Web co-design workshops, thank you! (If not, you can find out how to take part here ). We’ll be sharing our progress here on the ‘blog. This post explains what we’ll be doing in the first workshop and gives you some simple tasks to do before it. Before We Begin Once you know more about the project, you need to formally agree to take part. Read more
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