Idea #2

Museums have databases of their collections.

But some objects are described in more detail than others. And museum objects mean different things to different people.

Museum curators describe objects using special terms. But they don’t always mean the same to the rest of us or - sometimes - curators with different expertise.

What if…

  • We ‘crowdsourced’ the meaning of museum objects by asking people to describe objects? Perhaps as an online game?
  • We used artificial intelligence to identify patterns in people’s descriptions, to help other people discover these objects?
  • These new descriptions allowed us to connect more museum objects to environmental issues, to help us understand them?


Tell us what you think about this and the other ideas , and we’ll use your feedback to work out what to build for the museum for real!

Click or tap a link below, describe the object in three words, and see what words other people have used!

Describe object 1: The Whitburn Harpoon

Describe object 2 Fish Fossil

Describe object 3 Pipefish

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